AVN Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s main focus is equipping yourself with
the right educational tools for personal growth. Through our specialized educational
programs, and coaches, AVN Foundation holds out a helping hand.

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I attend a free two hour Lease Option/Rent to Own Seminar by The Canadian Home Ownership about two and a half years ago and I did not do anything with the information but I recommend a few friends. None of them ever think they could have own a house. Today they are all home owners.  Thanks guys.

Seminar Attendee/Buyer

After one year into our marriage we bought a house in Brampton. We bought with very small down payment so our mortgage was high. My husband was laid off so we could not afford the house any longer. We tried to sell it but the mortgage was high so we had to list it high and it did not sell. Our agent refers us to Canadian Home ownership and now we are out of the house and once again start living our life again. Thanks you. You guys are just great.

S.Zaman - Brampton, Ontario
Distress Seller

My tenant totally trash my house and I was just about to walk away and leave it to the bank when I met with the guys from The Canadian Home Ownership and they showed me a way how we can use a Fixer upper Lease Option. They find a potential who was a handyman and he fixed up the house and now he is my optionee.The guys at The Canadian Home Ownership Group showed me how to work a win win option and everybody was happy. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

Shelesky - Hamilton, Ontario

I am a realtor with Re/Max here in Toronto. I had a property for sale and the mortgage was higher than the house was worth so it was almost impossible for the seller, who was having a hard time, to get out of their situation. After meeting with The Canadian Home Ownership Group in two weeks the seller was out of their Power of Sale situation. You guys are just great.  Thanks You.

Mohammed - Toronto, Ontario

This is a great feeling that I am able to help someone and at the same time benefit. I was having lots of problems with tenants and just wanted to get out of  real estate investment but after I attended a seminar with The Canadian Home Ownership Group I find a very goof Lease options family and today I am really happy that I can still make money  and have no worry about tenants. Thanks to The Canadian Homeownership Group.

S. Singh - Toronto, Ontario

We could not qualify for a mortgage at the banks. We also contacted lots of mortgage brokers and could not get us qualify despite we had a healthy down payment. I was working out of the country and I want my family to have a stable home. One Saturday my wife and I attend a free seminar by The Canadian Home Ownership Group and after that the rest was history. After 45 days our family settled in our first home in Canada. The made the process so simple and give full support throughout the process. Thank you very much.

R & T Thanveer - Milton, Ontario
Seminar Attendee/Buyer

It was like a dream come through. They did not only put us into a home but show us a way to own it faster. In one and half year we finally qualify for a mortgage and finally bought the house. We are now working with The Canadian Home Ownership on paying off our mortgage in less than half the time.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh - Brampton, Ontario

It took a while for us to get into our first home because of our credit situation but The Canadian Home Ownership worked with us and after six months we finally got a home. Our kids just love it here as they were tired moving year after year to different locations.

R & J Wilkins - Scarborough,Onatrio

We were always skeptical about Lease Options but after attending one of their sessions we felt so comfortable that we just enter into the program and in less than 90 days we got into the property that we absolutely love.

Ron & Cynthia Herman - Mississauga, Ontario

After all the banks turn us down I did not think it was possible to own a home with our current situation. Thanks to The Canadian Home Ownership in less than 60 days we were in our dream home.

A & S Johnson – Toronto, Ontario

My allocated coach give great counsel help. Amazing Service Provided by AVN Foundation.

Jackson - Milton, Ontario


The mission statement for AVN Foundation is just this. Achieving victory is one of life’s greatest feelings, we look to encourage the journey of personal growth and financial wellness.


AVN = Achieve Victory Now

Achieve; meaning; goals, accountability, discipline

Victory; meaning; accomplishment, focus, informed

Now; meaning; Presences, acceptance, growth

AVN Foundation is for any individual that is looking to further their knowledge, growth, and life. WE are a foundation that provides education and support through our volunteers and coaches and professional affiliations. Every action provided in our environment is to build individuals up, deliver education to all communities, regardless of race, gender, age, circumstances, ethnicity, and culture. AVN Foundation is a Membership based foundation where a member can have access to unlimited knowledge and discounts in programs and products that AVN Foundation acknowledge as a sponsor.

The education provided in these courses and programs is information one would ask themselves, “Why don’t they teach this in all Schools?”. AVN then takes it one step further by having personal growth coaches in many areas of personal development. Our coaches are experience volunteers that have years if not decades of experience to share and lend support. With this in mind…IT IS YOUR JOURNEY AND YOUR GOALS, not ours. Our “YOUR 1st” mentality presents a unique learning environment where vibrations raise, and light bulbs appear out of thin air. AVN stands behind education and coaching in areas of our lives that we can grow. 


AVN Foundation coaches, all specialists in entrepreneurship and related fields meet with our members on a continuous basis to give support and backing with their knowledge and professional services.
To request a coach, AVN Foundation coaches, are selected by the member based on the specific personal need at that time. Industry, area, or skill can be provided to our members for the best available guidance. AVN Foundation will work to appoint you to the ideal coach, in light of your need, industry, and area. Your allocated coach would then be able to associate you with different coaches depending on the situation to give counsel and additional help. Both you and your coach will work together to recognize key regions to zero in on to assemble your success. Your coach will go about as an accountability partner, furnishing you with the guidance and resources you need to step toward propelling your life.